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October 9, 2023

How Knowledge Management Systems, like KnowledgeIQ, Improve Contact Centre Efficiency

Improve contact centre efficiency with a Knowledge Management System

Contact centre agents are the life force of your contact centre and, to improve contact centre efficiency, addressing significant operational inefficiencies is essential. Operational inefficiency can result in unproductive agents and could cost a large contact centre as much as $1.5m USD ($2.35m AUD) annually.

Below, we break down 5 ways a Knowledge Management System (KMS) can improve contact centre operational efficiencies through efficient management of knowledge and information.

1. Provides a Full View of the Customer for Contact Centre Agents

For any organisation or business, customers are among the most valuable source of information for improving operational efficiencies. A full picture of the customer relationship is essential for the customer agent to be able to perform their job effectively. A knowledge management system that integrates with your CRM ensures that your customer agents have the information they need to solve customers’ problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, resolving issues faster, minimising risk of attrition and protecting your brand.

2. Empowers Agents to Submit Regular Feedback

A powerful Knowledge Management System supports the capture and analysis of customer interactions, feedback, and agent insights. Customer-facing staff are most often the first to identify operational inefficiencies and a KMS that empowers agents to share feedback not only helps ensure they are engaged, but also results in stronger job performance and satisfaction. It also supports commitment to reaching their goals and objectives, demonstrates initiative, and enables exceptional customer service, ultimately aiming to improve contact centre efficiency.

3. Reduces Processing Time

Knowledge Management Systems provide staff with tools to access up-to-date information immediately using everyday language. Intuitive navigation, taxonomy creation and a quality search are imperative in keeping the call handling time at a minimum.

A versatile call centre script can contain the solution to many customer queries. It allows for calls to be handled faster and ensures that information is accurately explained to the customer. Versatile is the important word here, the script should be able to be subtly adapted so that it sounds more personal. Scripts can be stored as documents as part of process flows within your KMS. Your KMS should have process wizards and decision trees to support your agents.

4. Delivers Real-Time Notifications

With the appropriate Knowledge Management System in place, you can see important knowledge without even having to search for it. Real-time notifications, designed to improve contact centre efficiency, keep your staff up-to-date, provide details about emerging situations and important content changes, ensuring that your team is always well-informed and able to make informed decisions.

5. Enables Continuous Learning

If you want to raise call centre operational efficiency, you need to have a mechanism for continuous improvement, while some of this will come via the feedback loop, your agents need to be aware of any changes. Give your agents some time to test and validate their understanding with quizzes tied to existing content, all facilitated by the utilisation of a robust KMS such as KnowledgeIQ.

Improve Contact Centre Efficiency with KnowledgeIQ

An effective Knowledge Management System plays a crucial role in enhancing the operational efficiency of your contact centre. By effectively managing and utilising knowledge resources, contact centres can provide better customer service, reduce response times, and improve overall performance.

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Article written by Toby Milner

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