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June 7, 2024

Unleash the Value of Frontline Feedback

You frontline teams are key to sustaining and improving knowledge in your business. Frontline staff are generally the first ones to hear from customers about current issues and frustrations, from a variety of channels, and first to access your business knowledge repository every day.

Experience real value with a feedback system where frontline staff can raise feedback through customer interactions via structured and visible approval processes that increase governance, quality and customer experience for your organisation.

This not only ensures that knowledge is captured, kept up-to-date and is accurate, it also supports job satisfaction by providing a mechanism for frontline staff to be an active participant in the success of the organisation. 

The KnowledgeIQ Feedback feature is intuitive, simple to manage and encourages frontline staff to share and participate in their feedback. KnowledgeIQ Feedback features include:

  1. Providing images in feedback and internal responses.
  2. Ability to provide specific document/process feedback, or more general feedback.
  3. Users are notified and kept informed of when feedback is opened, is being reviewed, and when it is responded to.
  4. Create templates in the Admin Portal. When users lodge feedback in KnowledgeIQ, based on the Section and Subsection they choose, a template populates in the Feedback Comment field. This guides them through the detail they should include.
  5. Frontline feedback raised can also be made viewable to all users via the Admin Portal to avoid duplication.
Unleash the Value of Frontline Feedback

With KnowledgeIQ, we are here to support you as you navigate and improve your knowledge management. To learn more about KnowledgeIQ Feedback, or any of our tools, contact us today!

Article written by Toby Milner

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