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KnowledgeIQ, A solution by Knosys – unlocking knowledge to help employees and customers find answers and information quickly when they need it with a trusted ‘single source of truth’ for everyone. We believe knowledge management should bring business advantage and should not be over complicated, unwiedly or an expensive solution.

Imagine your collective knowledge captured in one place, secured, organised, and easy to find.


What is knowledge management software?

If your company needs to discover and deliver personalised information to staff and customers, to transform productivity and customer engagement then you need knowledge management. Many organisations use a variety of tools including email, shared drives, social networks, or paper-based manuals and files to collate and disseminate knowledge to frontline employees and customers. A true knowledge management solution like KnowledgeIQ delivers information governance, compliance and increases productivity by replacing all these tools into a single digital workplace — empowering your teams in customer contact centres, service desks, frontline offices and online self-service channels to find the right information, exactly when they need.

With many traditional knowledge management solutions, you get a solution that relies on manual methods to index and tag knowledge articles for retrieval, takes no action until a user performs a search, returns long lists of search results with no real relevance. With KnowledgeIQ, your collective knowledge is captured in one place, secured, organised, and easy to find. We then add intelligence through machine learning to personalise the experience and continually adjust the knowledge presented to your teams and customers.


Go further and faster

Every year, KnowledgeIQ teams around the world help implement and create knowledge solutions that inspire organisations to new levels of employee productivity and customer engagement – and we’ve done this since 2015. With over 40,000 global users, KnowledgeIQ empowers employees and customer interactions with information in the easiest and most efficient way.

Our developers make the software, our expert services team delivers the solution, and our support team is there long-term to keep things running at maximum capacity. We are obsessed with discovering the next opportunity and constantly evolving our product to take our customers further into the future. KnowledgeIQ is here to exceed your expectations for what a knowledge experience can be.


Connecting People and Information

Knosys is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) information technology company offering a range of software solutions designed to boost productivity, collaboration and information connectivity in the digital workplace.

“Our mission is to empower organisations to make smart connections with their information, thereby elevating business information from a source of complexity to a clear business advantage.”

We create innovative software solutions in the areas of knowledge management and modern “out-of-box” intranets; delivering information that is easy to access, control but more importantly with relevance and clarity.

Our cloud-based solutions cater to the masses by simply and intelligently centralising everything that’s important to you – giving business advantage.


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