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Features & Functionality

Explore features and functionality and see why KnowledgeIQ is trusted by over 40,000 users to find the right information, exactly when they need it.
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Document Types


Ensure your content is easy to digest, remove duplication and support your people to perform at their best with KnowledgeIQ Documents.

With an array of features that sit within the Documents feature, your authors can customise your document templates and tailor to specific types of inquiries the teams handle every day.

News & Events

From CEO Announcements, Policy Changes, to Training and Process Updates keep your staff constantly up-to-date with News & Events through your KnowledgeIQ Knowledge Management System.

With KnowledgeIQ, create as many categories as you need by division or business unit and then push new articles out to the relevant categories.

Knowledge Authoring

Custom Styles and Templates

Access a range of customisable styles to create knowledge articles with impact in minutes and create templates so knowledge is presented consistently.

Permission Based Administrator Access

Meet governance and compliance requirements with permission-based administration levels for creating, modifying and accessing knowledge.

Easy to use WYSIWYG editor

With our browser-based content creation, save time creating clear and visually appealing knowledge articles with our simple to use WYSIWYG editor.

Author Training

Our KnowledgeIQ Knowledge Management experts will support your knowledge authors with best practice training.


Embed local or external multimedia to provide the richest knowledge experience.


Alerts and notifications

With real-time notifications keep everyone up-to-date and provide details about emerging situations and important content changes.
  • Push notifications to users for important events and updates to policies and articles
  • In-app push notifications or delivery via email options are available
  • Target notifications to any combination of teams, groups, divisions or locations or send alerts directly to individuals. You can even create custom message groups
  • Include rich content in alerts and add links to articles or other content
  • Based on alert priority, a pop-up can be added to the bottom of the screen regardless of where in the system the user is.
  • Report on who has opened and acknowledged receipt of alerts.
  • Customise alert colours and names so users can easily identify the different types of alerts they receive.


Version Control

Entirely automated, store all versions of articles and content, changes made and by who when. Includes the ability to revert to previous versions.

Auto Review

Reduce the risk of out-of-date published knowledge by scheduling rolling review dates and the ability to enforce content expiry for when articles are published.

Version Comparison

Compare different document versions side by side with changes highlighted for easy to review comparison.

Custom Approval Process

Flexible custom approval workflows for all content.

Role-based Permissions

Enjoy complete control over who in your team’s access which information through access levels.

Readership tracking

Track readership across your knowledge for content and alerts.

Scheduled Publication

Schedule approved knowledge for publishing in advance and set expiration dates or enforce content expiry from when it is published.

Authored Content Review

Ensure a full audit trail with stored history of comments and feedback when articles are sent to subject matter experts for review.

Decision tools

Decision trees/Process flows

Enhance knowledge by visually guiding users through complex processes, supporting new staff learning and provides more experienced staff the confidence to work across multiple business areas.
  • Guide users visually through complex processes
  • Provide dedicated work instructions for each step
  • Users can access individual steps to improve efficiency
  • Re-use existing process diagrams from business process mapping tools
  • Link to processes, videos, websites

Process Wizard

Support staff with highly regulated tasks and processes by providing dedicated decision trees to guide them.
  • Step-by-step instructions for complex or highly critical work processes
  • Link between trees wizards for very complex, multi-step work processes
  • Tracking and auditing of usage for compliance and process optimisation
  • Process Wizards with multiple path option types are available
  • Remove the guesswork and provide a step-by-step process that is simple to follow and dramatically improves quality and compliance

Read more on how Process Wizards deliver better outcomes and experiences. 

User Engagement

Expert Support Team

Our KM support experts are here to help resolve any KnowledgeIQ issues through our dedicated support system available via all the channels you expect.

Help Articles

Access a library of help articles for commonly asked questions with step-by-step instructions and how-to videos.


Ensure agents understand with Knowledge Quizzes further supporting team members and gain insight into their proficiency and understanding.

Team branding

Teams can create and design their own look and feel with the KnowledgeIQ team branding tools.


Users can save their favourite items to reduce time to access the information they need.

Easy User Feedback

Maximise feedback engagement and involvement by enabling users to contribute to improving knowledge in your organisation.

Smart Search


  • Ranks search results based on relevance to the users' group, so they always see the best results
  • Find best match even if the users' search fails to match perfectly to any articles
  • Automatically corrects spelling based on a dictionary that is learned directly from your content
  • Create synonyms and stop words to fine-tune search results
  • Override rankings for specific articles and pin articles to ensure they are always displayed at the very top of results

Custom menu’s

Our structured and user-friendly menu system makes it easy for users and agents to find information across your knowledge management system.

Optimise your knowledge base with the use of the top, footer and side menu options.



Ability to connect and integrate with your CX suite.


With our open API, connect your knowledge with an approved single source of truth and streamline delivery of information to staff and customers.

Device Responsive

Easily adapt to different screen sizes and device types.

Customer Self-Service

Ensure customers access the same knowledge base via your website as your agents.

Single Sign-On

Make it easy for your users to access the knowledge and information with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Features include:

  • Authenticate natively with Active Directory or use the industry-standard SAML protocol
  • Supports a variety of identity management solutions including Azure Active Directory, Okta, Auth0 and more.
  • Support a mixed-mode with local authentication and SSO
  • Multiple SSO Identity Providers supported in a single installation/deployment

Use existing SAML Claims to control administrative privileges


Feedback workflow management

The best in knowledge management systems, like KnowledgeIQ, enable the ability for sharing quality input from its users.

With KnowledgeIQ:

  • Create both specific and general feedback directly within the knowledge portal
  • Track feedback directly against each article
  • Assign feedback managers, priorities and due dates against user feedback
  • Colour-coding allows teams to identify high priority or overdue feedback
  • Respond directly to users or create notes only visible to other administrators
  • Track feedback directly within the platform.

Discover more about how intuitive and simple to manage the feedback feature is.


Support and encourage user collaboration with feedback forums; content author collaboration and reviews.
  • Forums provide open or moderated spaces for user collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Feedback provides direct collaboration between users and content authors
  • Content authors can collaborate across content and feedback
  • Distributed authorship with strict approvals ensures the systems scales across large and small organisations

New Customer Implementation

Best Practice Site Configuration Assistance

Your Knowledge Management CX experts will work with you to ensure that KnowledgeIQ is set up and configured to maximise success.


Your Knowledge Management experts ensure that your teams are ready for success with a number of training options available with:

  1. Administrator training
  2. Author training
  3. End User Training
  4. Train the Trainer

Maximise User Engagement

With our extensive experience in implementing and supporting our customers with Knowledge Management, help maximise team member take-up with our user engagement strategies.


Reporting & Analytics

Create detailed reports on how knowledge is delivering improvements and making informed decisions in your organisation including:

  • Monitoring behaviour and content usage
  • Understand peak usage times
  • Analyse engagement across teams, locations, divisions and business units
  • Use data insights with KM Analytics to evaluate ROI and make informed decisions
  • Export reports in multiple formats

User Based and Customisable Dashboards

Create department based custom dashboards for each user to enjoy the benefits of their dashboard.

Individual customisation is also available.

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Customer Support and Success Teams

Marketing and Sales Teams

Governance and Compliance

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Frontline Teams and Distributed Operations

HR and People Teams

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