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March 27, 2024

Delivering Better Outcomes and Experiences with the KnowledgeIQ Process Wizard.

Need to improve quality compliance in your organisation? Achieve this, plus increase speed to competency and build confidence in your team members with the KnowledgeIQ Process Wizard.

Customer Contact Centre agents often spend lots of time trying to find the right answer or process to best handle customer interactions. Not only does this result in increased average handling time leading to staff frustration, it can also mean staff are guessing which process seems most fitting rather than being confident they have the right one, increasinng the risk of a poor customer experience.

The Process Wizard feature of KnowledgeIQ guides staff step by step, taking them to the right process or answer for the specific customer interaction they are managing, removing any guesswork.

The image below illustrates what your contact centre agent will see in the KnowledgeIQ Process Wizard when they are dealing with a customer. As they ask the customer for more information (1), the Process Wizard guides the agent through the steps (2) as to how to best handle the customer enquiry based on most current information.

Delivering Better Outcomes and Experiences with the KnowledgeIQ Process Wizard.

Ensure customer contact centre agents are constantly aware of changes in process or information by updating instantly and notifying agents immediately with a KnowledgeIQ Alert.

The KnowledgeIQ Process Wizard is great for both new and existing staff.

For new agents in training, the Process Wizard steps them through to the right answer or process to use based on the customer interaction they're managing. This supports them in achieving their KPI's sooner and increases speed to competency.

For experienced agents, Process Wizards remove the need to memorise large amounts of information with clear processes. This helps build confidence and enables agents to represent more areas of the organisation competently and faster than what would be typical with other ways of managing and sharing information. In organisations where compliance is critical, KnowledgeIQ Process Wizards can be your tool to significantly reduce compliance risks and provide your customer facing staff with easy access to the information they need, when they need it!

With KnowledgeIQ, we are here to support you as you navigate and improve your knowledge management. To learn more about KnowledgeIQ Process Wizards, or any of our tools, contact us today!

Article written by Toby Milner

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