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Around the world, over 40,000 employees start the day with KnowledgeIQ while millions of customers self-service. Make KnowledgeIQ the center of your knowledge universe and fill that universe with everything that's important to your teams and customers.

Below are key sectors that we have provided solutions to:


Different government agencies, departments and even branches of government often work in independently without collaboration, exposing them to outdated information or lack key knowledge. Imagine being able to provide and maintain up-to-date, compliant source of information, allow employees to access this information anywhere, anytime – thus creating efficient services for the public.


Imagine streamlined information from head office to customer facing channels – contact center, stores, website, chatbots and beyond. Use features such as News, Alerts, FAQ to communicate up to the minute information regarding products and stock levels, services, deliveries, business operations and more! Streamline your standard operating procedures and forms from paper to online in a minute.


KnowledgeIQ takes your insurance business to new levels by keep your customers satisfied and grow revenue by centralizing all your information and knowledge in one place. With a knowledge management system, reduce product paperwork, sell more with greater ease to product informations, reduce errors and better engage with your customers.


KnowledgeIQ contains the tools you need to achieve manufacturing competitiveness in one place. Automate processes, train staff, and communicate internally. By creating a central digital location for work, you will contain costs and increase productivity to boost profit margins.

Banking and Finance

As the financial industry undergoes consistent regulatory changes financial institutions need to be agile and competitive to ensure they continue to meet the needs of their clients. Provide consistent and precise answers, build unified information delivery, and manage real-time update of regulatory data. KnowledgeIQ supports financial businesses, to achieve growth and profitability through innovative tools that connect people and customers to consistent and secure content.

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