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What Sets Us Apart

KnowledgeIQ, by Knosys, simplifies, centralises and organises the sharing of knowledge.

Make it easy for customer contact centres, service desks, frontline officers and online self-service channels to find the right information, exactly when they need it.

Rich in features and functionality, with a KnowledgeIQ Knowledge Management System you also have access to expert support, security, reliability and performance.
"Since investing in KnowledgeIQ, Best Practice Software have reduced case handling times from 8 days to 2.6 days!"
Best Practice Software
"Now we can easily find answers to our questions using search or the menu structure. I am confident that if the answer is on the new platform, our solicitors can find it."
Office of Public Prosecutions
"KnowledgeIQ is a simple and efficient tool which has not only created efficiencies but has also increased satisfaction and lifted engagement with our staff."
SBS Bank

High availability

Configure with a load-balanced environment to eliminate downtime. Authorise database mirroring between SQL servers and set a secondary server to handle failover.

Hosting & Management

An industry leader in providing a superior all-in-one, digital workplace - cloud-based or on-premise.

Our configurable technology equips you with all the functionality and flexibility you need to succeed.


Features comprehensive multi-tiered security and permissions allowing defined viewing, editing and creation rights of every user and content item.

Active Directory Authentication

Working natively with Active Directory to keep information consistent and up to date, staff profiles are self-managed, removing the need to manually sync data.


Flexible and easy to implement, integrations open the door to ultimate productivity and collaboration.

Keep pace with the latest apps and deliver a frictionless digital workplace where people can access all the tools they need to get work going.

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Data Protection

Experience fine grained content permissions and RBAC, encryption of data both at rest and in transit, hosting via the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud, data sovereignty guarantees and more.


Brand your own centralised platform that integrates with existing channels and software - storing and presenting relevant information when and where it is needed.

Single Sign-On

Unify your authentication process across business applications, internally and on cloud-based apps.

KnowledgeIQ supports enterprise-grade authentication processes based on SAML.


Our skilled knowledge management experts are here to resolve your KnowledgeIQ issues with online technical support available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via subscription.

Extended support services are also available, depending on your business needs.

Single Source of Truth

KnowledgeIQ serves as a single source of truth and provides a centralised platform for information to ensure consistency and accuracy of all organisational knowledge.

Our Customers

Industry leading customers use KnowledgeIQ to power their digital workplace - driving productivity, collaboration and business advantage. 
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