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Integrate KnowledgeIQ with Salesforce

Integrate KnowledgeIQ with Salesforce and ensure that your agents have access to the right knowledge and information, without needing to switch applications. 

KnowledgeIQ integration with Salesforce provides access to up-to-date knowledge without the agent needing to learn multiple systems, delivering the best customer experience through:
Faster response time
Establish a single source of truth
Reduced repeat questions 
and shoulder-tapping
Gain insights & make maintenance 
easy of content
Greater customer satisfaction
Collaboration, with Governance
Higher agent confidence 
& increased productivity
Faster access to consistent & accurate information through linked content
Proactive agent assistance
Predictive Search
No switching from 
the Salesforce interface
Real-time alerts 
of changes

The benefits of standalone knowledge management software

Every day your people use multiple tools to get work done. Articles, policies, process guidance, forms, workflows, onboarding, sales guides and much more. Explore our complete set of knowledge management features to see how you can deliver an exceptional and consistent digital workplace experience - equip your people and customers to go further and go faster.

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