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July 12, 2021

Reducing call times and increasing customer satisfaction

We're in unprecedented territory. Anyone in customer service or customer support roles will know all too well how an increase in demand and a change in consumer behavior puts added strain and pressure on the digital contact center worker.

The volume of support tickets, incoming calls and messages across channels has increased beyond prediction since COVID-19 struck. Financial hardship, a trend for online shopping, government support applications and an increased demand on telecommunications and digital channels has meant more people contacting service providers for support. With postal delays, social distancing and the closure of state borders, frustration and impatience are experienced daily for a lot of people.

The last thing your support staff need is something standing in the way of the delivery of quality, speedy customer service. More than ever, teams need access to information in an instant. They need to be confident the knowledge they have access to is correct, relevant, up to date and easily communicable to customers of varied needs in a range of locations and circumstances.

Why Knowledge Management?

Delivering improved customer service begins with the internal knowledge that is available to your teams. Like any professional, your toolkit plays such an important role in the ability to complete a job to a high standard and deliver results. The contact centre toolkit comes down to knowledge and the ability to access the information at the right time to solve problems and answer inquiries to satisfy customers demands and expectations.

A knowledge management solution should offer:

  • A single source of trusted information
  • AI functionality that includes smart search providing for access to required information on the go
  • Training and assessment capacities
  • Governance and control functionality
  • Remote working aids
  • Document creation, collaboration, and control
  • Multi-access levels
  • Relevance and security
  • Process guides
  • Decision trees
  • Evaluations
  • Resource management

Setting goals for your teams

It’s sometimes hard to ‘see the forest from the trees’ during times of intense demand - so setting achievable goals, pacing them apart and tracking success helps to give everyone a sense of achievement and fulfillment during even the most stressful situations.

When beginning an implementation of a knowledge management solution, it’s a good idea to set some goals early and watch as your teams benefit from recognizing these achievements. Seeing firsthand the results of a technology solution makes it easier to get everyone from your new starters to your stakeholders to get on board long-term.

Call centers and support teams deal with a huge number of incoming inquiries every day. Reducing call time by enabling staff to respond quickly and accurately with information at their fingertips is entirely possible with the right software. Enabling them to deliver responses via varied channels suitable to the customer needs are also enabled with Knowledge Management software, taking the pressure off your staff, and giving your customers exactly what they want.

Knosys' KnowledgeIQ offers a multitude of features to address onboarding, skills updating, customer service, retention, content collaboration and task management. Ask to speak to one of our friendly team today to discuss how KnowledgeIQ could help overcome your challenges and deliver the progress you need.

KnowledgeIQ is the Knowledge Management Platform making remote working transitions easy and helping deliver exceptional customer service delivery in testing times. Ensure your business continuity plan has the support it needs with the Knowledge Management platform that makes sense and provides a powerful brand experience. Watch our latest video to find out more.

Article written by Elise Kuchel

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