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October 18, 2023

Reduce Average Handle Time While Increasing Customer Satisfaction with a Knowledge Management System

reducing average handle time in contact centre

Over the past three years, contact centre leaders have had to quickly adapt systems and ways of working with hybrid work environments, increasing demand and changing consumer expectations. One crucial aspect of this adaptation has been the focus on reducing average handle time, as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and meeting the evolving needs of both customers and remote agents.

McKinsey’s 2022 State of Customer Care Survey found that customer care is now an important strategic focus for companies. The top 3 priorities for respondents included:

  1. Retaining and developing the best people
  2. Driving a simplified customer experience while reducing call volumes and costs
  3. Building their digital care and advanced analytics ecosystems

As a result of the increasing strategic focus on customer care, having the right employee retention strategies for contact centres has never been more critical. Additionally, reducing average handle time while at the same time improving and maximising customer satisfaction and retention is key. A shorter, more efficient customer service call not only saves time and resource effort, but it also enhances the overall experience for customers.

So how does knowledge management support organisations in achieving this? Below we take a closer look at how a knowledge management system can support organisational strategic objectives for contact centres and how to start getting your teams engaged.

How Can Knowledge Management Help in Reducing Average Handle Time?

Delivering improved customer service begins with the internal knowledge and information that is available to your teams. Like in any profession, your toolkit plays a key role in the ability to complete a task to a high standard and deliver positive outcomes. An optimal contact centre toolkit is instrumental in reducing average handle time, ensuring that the right information is provided efficiently at the right time.

A knowledge management solution, like KnowledgeIQ, should deliver a range of features that enhance your team's ability to access, utilise, and share information effectively, contributing to improved customer service and the key goal of reducing average handle time. These features include:

  • A single source of trusted information
  • Training and assessment capabilities
  • Governance and control functionality
  • Remote working aids
  • Document creation, collaboration, and control
  • Multi-access levels
  • Relevance and security
  • Process guides
  • Decision trees
  • Evaluations
  • Resource management

Setting Goals for Your Teams

During times of intense demand, setting achievable goals, pacing them apart and tracking success helps to give everyone a sense of achievement and fulfilment during even the most stressful situations.

When beginning the implementation of a knowledge management system, it’s a good idea to set goals early and watch as your teams benefit from recognising these achievements. Seeing firsthand the positive results of a knowledge management solution makes it easier to get everyone on board, from new starters to stakeholders.

Contact centres and support teams deal with a huge number of incoming enquiries every day. Reducing average handle time by enabling staff to respond quickly and accurately with information at their fingertips is entirely possible with the right software. Enabling them to deliver responses via varied channels suitable to the customer needs is also enabled with the right Knowledge Management System, taking the pressure off your staff, and giving your customers exactly what they need.

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Article written by Toby Milner

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