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September 23, 2023

Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria Adopts KnowledgeIQ for Streamlined Access to Digital Records

Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria Adopts KnowledgeIQ for Streamlined Access to Digital Records

With a flexible content authoring model, the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) can now pull together and relate their original content along with external articles, creating a single-source view and reducing research time for staff.

This case study explains how the OPP's adoption of the Knosys KnowledgeIQ platform has led to a user-friendly interface for curated digital records. OPP solicitors are now relying on the most up-to-date and authoritative information which is available to them in an easy-to-consume format.

With an ageing knowledge management system that was no longer able to provide the timely and accurate information required to support prosecutorial research, and an organisational imperative to modernise IT infrastructure, the OPP wanted a solution that would reduce research complexity and improve organisational productivity.

Over its life, the existing knowledge management solution had become unwieldy. It became difficult to locate relevant entries. Rather than consult a single source of truth, solicitors and staff needed to consult up to ten different online sources. The process of research across so many varied sources was often
time-consuming and inefficient.

Beyond its reduced relevance, the existing solution utilised a legacy software product that the OPP was keen to retire as part of on-going infrastructure and software modernisation activities. In searching for a replacement, the OPP wanted a solution that would allow them to leverage all of their existing authoritative sources from a single point while also allowing the creation and publication of original authoritative content in a variety of dynamic forms.

Ease of use was vital, both for those users who were using the information as well as those tasked with its creation.

Knosys’ KnowledgeIQ platform was the perfect choice for the OPP. The KnowledgeIQ platform allows the OPP to leverage all of their existing authoritative online sources and to expand these to provide additional guidance through the addition of introductions and explanations. The solution also allows the OPP to create dynamic original content related to specific criminal law knowledge that doesn’t exist outside the boundaries of the organisation.

With a flexible content authoring model, KnowledgeIQ allows the OPP to pull together and relate their original content along with external articles, creating a single-source view and reducing research time for staff.

With a breadth of features including the ability to visually explore topics and create both simple and complex decision trees, the KnowledgeIQ software gives the OPP a powerful platform to not only manage their organisational intelligence and knowledge but to make it easy for staff to consume, and action.

KnowledgeIQ is fast becoming the single entry point for legal research at the OPP.

Erik Dober, Senior Solicitor OPP

Having access to a trusted source is vital when researching serious criminal matters. KnowledgeIQ allows the OPP to focus on creating the content that mattered most to them and using authoritative sources where this knowledge was available. Ensuring that these two things could live in harmony not only increases researcher productivity, it ensures that staff at the OPP always have access to the most up to date and relevant information.

Tying all the information together in a way that makes sense is also vital, and KnowledgeIQ’s menu structure allows this to happen in a way that is comfortable for staff to navigate and understand. Rather than getting bogged down, the depth of the structure helps guide staff at the OPP to the information that they need.

KnowledgeIQ’s innovative search also helps reinforce the knowledge structure, with users presented with results in the context of where they appear in the information hierarchy. The OPP has used KnowledgeIQ’s editorial controls to ensure users get the most relevant responses to their search queries.

Users walking in the door can quickly search and find the information they need, with the presentation of those results further developing their understanding of the OPP’s information management structure.

Beyond KnowledgeIQ’s capability to provide a single view for articles and content, the OPP were able to take advantage of KnowledgeIQ’s process guidance features to provide greater clarity around topics and to improve productivity.

Utilising the Process Flow capability included in the software, the OPP were able to create visual information guides, with users able to easily navigate around articles in a free-flowing manner. Seeing the topic area visually and the information side by side further aided in users developing a deep understanding of the information presented. It brings information to the attention of the user without them knowing they needed it.

In the legal field, there are often multiple authorities (legislation, cases, court rules) that must be read, understood and cross-referenced when making a decision. Where this related to a process that is strictly defined, the OPP created Process Wizards within the platform to speed this process. The required information is entered into the wizard which provides an outcome instantly for the user, as well as explaining why an outcome is the correct one.

No knowledge system can exist in isolation; there are other organisational systems to consider. The OPP have an existing document and records management system, and rather than duplicate information across the two systems, leading to increased management effort, the KnowledgeIQ platform links the two systems together.

Templates and other content stored in the document management system become actionable knowledge when connected or referenced by articles contained within the KnowledgeIQ platform. These are referenced directly from the relevant KnowledgeIQ documents, giving staff fast and straightforward access to the right form or material, all from the one place.

John Thompson, Knosys CEO

The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) is Victoria’s largest criminal legal practice. The OPP prosecutes serious offences in Victoria’s County and Supreme Courts and conducts criminal appeals in the County Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia.

Customer Size: 350 employees
Country/Region: Victoria, Australia
Industry: Government / Legal

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Article written by Steph S

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