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August 9, 2021

KnowledgeIQ helped create a single source of truth knowledge repository for Best Practice Software

KnowledgeIQ helped create a single source of truth knowledge repository for Best Practice Software

Best Practice Software, a medical software company based in Australia and New Zealand, was seeking a knowledge base for the development of a global Service Desk to enhance the flexibility and capability of each product support branch.

KnowledgeIQ has become an integral part of how Best Practice Software provides support to its users and has improved workflows as well as response times by enabling agents to resolve queries faster.

Since investing in KnowledgeIQ, Best Practice Software have reduced case handling times from 8 days to 2.6 days!

As a leader in the field of software for Australasian medical practices, Best Practice Software is synonymous with excellence in delivery and support for its range of products tailored to suit a variety of medical industries including General Practitioners.

The diversity of the company’s product range necessitates multiple product support teams, with each team working with unique platforms and integrations as well as a set of shared processes and tools. Over time, multiple knowledge base solutions had evolved internally, making efforts to control non-product specific information challenging.

Without a clear way to find the information they required, the team often resorted to face to face knowledge, sending emails within the team or referencing aging guides.

In order to provide better tools to their support team and enable improved user support, Best Practice Software embarked on a journey to implement a shared knowledge solution that could provide a common platform for knowledge. They wanted to reduce duplication while also enabling segregation of product-specific information, processes and procedures.

Best Practice Software sought a solution that improved the efficiency of the team by reducing the volume of articles an agent needed to look through to find the information they required.

It was important to Best Practice Software that this new knowledge solution was easy for its team to use. Another key factor was the ability to categorise articles related to a specific product, while still providing the ability to define and locate universal or non-product specific information.

Knosys’ KnowledgeIQ solution was selected as the Knowledge Management platform solution because it offered a flexible and customisable platform that could be adapted to exactly how Best Practice Software operates, while at the same time, being simple and easy to use.

KnowledgeIQ was able to be switched on and set up quickly. As a turn-key solution, it allowed Best Practice Software to focus on getting their knowledge content setup without installing a new piece of software, managing updates or maintaining additional infrastructure.

Michael Toulson, Best Practice Software

Best Practice Software has utilised KnowledgeIQ’s sites feature to develop individual sites for each product offering, containing all of the knowledge specific to each product. Non-specific product knowledge, such as information about tools and base-level knowledge is contained in its own site but is filtered down to the child/product specific sites.

With this structure, support staff can limit their searches to just the product they need, decreasing the time it takes them to find the knowledge and resolve their customers’ issues. Teams can locate exactly what they need more easily thanks to KnowledgeIQ’s Smart Search technology, resulting in improved team confidence and service delivery.

Multiple knowledge bases or systems are no longer required for Best Practice Software staff to get the answers they need to support their users. KnowledgeIQ provides a single source of truth platform with advanced Smart Search features that has all the information they need.

Best Practice Software now use KnowledgeIQ each day to help communicate, collaborate and service customers. They are more confident knowing the information they’re using is relevant and up to date.

Michael Toulson, Best Practice Software

Best Practice Software looks forward to more updates and features that will only add to the benefits they’ve reported so far.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became necessary for Best Practice Software, like many organisations, to have much of its workforce operate remotely. With staff spread across both Australia and New Zealand, the cloud-based nature of the KnowledgeIQ solution meant the knowledge base was easily accessible for remote staff — including those working from home.

Michael Toulson, Best Practice Software

Best Practice Software is a medical software company offering practice management software to Clients over a variety of medical industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Country/Region: Bundaberg/Sydney/Brisbane Australia, & Hamilton, New Zealand
Industry: Health/IT

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Article written by Steph S

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