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June 12, 2019

How to make data meaningful

Meaningful data has impact – it changes everything.


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Data without meaning is just that – data. It’s stuff you store because you are either legally obliged to, or because you don’t know what else to do with it.

And the issue with trying to digitize an entire company or organisation, is that there is a lot of it. Has ‘big data’ simply become unorganised chaos? Is it too much to handle?

If you have archaic infrastructure that no longer makes sense, and too much of everything – the challenge to evolve becomes overwhelming. But the concept of having too much data is too jarring to accept. There’s never too much data, but there is too much data without meaning, data without application, data without context.

Making sense of the data you have, the necessary data, the important content that matters to your clients, your customers, your frontline staff - is tough. But one thing is certain – it’s only going to get incrementally tougher if it’s not tackled now. Digital isn’t waiting, technology isn’t waiting, and your customers are not waiting.

Location, location, location

We’re not talking about a coastal holiday or real estate – we’re asking where your most important data - your knowledge is located? The what, who, where and how – the guts. Who knows you the best, and more importantly, who knows your customers and what they need from you?

It’s time for a project!

Can you interpret and consolidate the information you have so that it’s centralised and useful? Can you access it from one place, every time – a safe place.

Time for a tidy up

Mess - the ultimate excuse for procrastination. You push it aside, tuck it under the bed, stuff it in the cupboard, board it up – and inevitably, find some way to shove yet even more in with it.

There’s never anything quite as miserable as a messy, unorganised system. Whether it be a teenager’s bedroom, a kitchen sink full of dishes and no teaspoon, or of course, the multitude of channels and software companies housing various portions of your company in some nonsensical medley of documents and archives.

Your project ‘digital transition’ should also be your project – unpack, understand, make useful.

Get serious about the data, the content, the processes and procedures that do matter. Get rid of the things you’re carrying for no reason. The duplication, the redundant – the irrelevant. It’s hoarding.

Find out what knowledge is essential to your company, critical for compliance and useful in the practical sense, for your teams to communicate with each other and your customers. Create a culture of collaboration and clarity in your company that has a controlled and strategic approach.

Where to put it

The easiest way to achieve this is with a Knowledge Management system that integrates with the systems you already use, to make migration that little bit easier. Choose Knowledge Management that incorporates machine learning to perform smart search, to save you time and money, from the moment you start using it.

Help make the information you have easier to understand, contextual and relevant by using features like tagging, usage tracking, category/tree structures, content ratings and archiving and versioning. A system that collects data on every interaction, helps you understand what content is required and where the gaps are. Take notice of the most popular or widely accessed information and engage with your teams to better build and deploy your digital strategy.

Inform your digital transition strategy

If you are in the process of making the digital transition, it’s fair to say you’ve tried a number of software solutions over the years. But most aren’t future-proofed.

It’s time to migrate to an omnichannel solution, to a smarter, intuitive way of finding your information, of teaching your teams, of empowering your people and of fighting for your customers.

You want to highlight the utilities and services you offer and educate your teams on how to present your brand as the best choice, with the best service in the industry. But your teams may be spread all over the country, or even internationally. How do you ensure they are all on the same page, armed with all the same tools and expertise to deliver a high standard of customer experience that you can not only deliver, but maintain?

Achieving that level of service is an expensive undertaking, right? All that training, support and updating? No, because you already have the knowledge and the data to make all these things happen. You just need to organise, control, create and share it.

Make the integral parts of your connections with your customers meaningful by learning from them. When your teams share their experiences, their interactions and their abilities with each other, the whole company benefits. Start with the system that builds knowledge layer upon layer, organised and always accessible – like instant recall.

Now your data is starting to make sense, it’s forming your story and you have more motivation to share it. Data, content and knowledge just need the right digital platform to translate them into powerful tools for your teams.

So start today.

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Article written by Elise Kuchel

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