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May 28, 2019

A customer-centric approach to utilising AI

If you've been thinking about integrating artificial intelligence into your business but aren't sure exactly how to approach it, or what it might offer you - you're not alone. Using a platform that already integrates AI is a potential way to dip your toe in whilst learning about the functions that matter to you and your customers.

Artificial intelligence is nothing without human intelligence. Your AI systems perform best for your customers when you provide the relevant data and contextual content it needs to learn and deliver.


Image credit: Markus Spiske

In fact, at Knosys we tend to use the term ‘machine learning’ in preference to AI – because it really is about adopting a data driven approach to providing customers with what they need, precisely when they need it. Technology is becoming more sophisticated every day and we’re able to bypass some of the customer service pitfalls that have always held your CX teams back.

Having the appropriate response for a query at the click of a finger and seamlessly conversing clearly, rationally and logically with the customer is achievable. Doing so without having to place the customer on hold, transfer calls, enquire within multiple departments or hassle management is also now not only possible but it should be expected.

Gartner’s report into ‘Applying AI to WCM an DXP’ reveals the following benefits of applying AI to content:

  • Productivity gains due to automated processes
  • Efficiency gains due to better decision making
  • The ability to analyze large sets of data
  • More effective and engaging customer experiences based on better insights and data
  • New revenue
  • Innovation and differentiation
  • Cost reduction

The report also states that 81% of respondents from global organisations have AI on their radar or are initiating projects. We’re among the 4% already deploying it, but as we have built it into our product, the benefits extend to our customers, that’s where it’s most powerful.

We’ve built our platform with machine learning as a core tool that delivers these most important benefits to our customers because the future of Knowledge Management doesn’t exist without it. But it certainly doesn’t exist without the knowledge and ongoing expertise of the people who invested their skills in creating the knowledge, the content and the service. This will always be the most important thing you offer. AI simply helps us deliver it better and improve the interactions with our customers.

It’s AI that’s simple, it’s Knowledge Management that’s simple, and it’s a great place to start as you become one of the companies now using AI to forge ahead and deliver customer centric services.

In its first use case for the support of AI, Gartner states that ‘most organizations have large amounts of content and data, often scattered across multiple content management systems and repositories. A lot of that content is hard to find, and thus present to the customer, due to poor mechanisms for stitching the content together across disparate systems.’

And we second that. Our product is a direct reflection of the need to solve this very problem. So before you take a giant leap into the more complex but at first glance ‘sexy’ AI options such as VR experiences – tend to your garden, ensure your content and knowledge management is centralised, that your employees are able to understand your business and find the answers needed to provide the best customer service they can.

Once you have the foundation elements down, you can build upon the AI that really makes your brand stand out. Be memorable for being extraordinary, then be extraordinarily memorable.

Let Knosys take the pressure off the entire process so you can put the customer first. Our cloud-based technology, KIQ Cloud, is the AI powered Knowledge Management platform transforming digital workspaces.

Get in touch to find out more or download our product brochure here.

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Article written by Elise Kuchel

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