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The best knowledge management software has the power to transform your teams and customers

Everything you need, built in

Knowledge management solution designed to simplify, centralise and organise the sharing of knowledge. 

Make it easy for your teams in customer contact centres, service desks, frontline offices and online self-service channels to find the right information, exactly when they need it. 

Explore our knowledge management capabilities and see how the solution provides direction for workflows, processes and compliance.

Secure and efficient workplaces begin with a centralised platform

Create, organise, control and share company knowledge with one simple platform

Knosys' Knowledge IQ - supporting your teams

Remote working is made easy with Knosys' Knowledge IQ
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We believe that software should be simple

Your branded platform is intuitive, self-service, easy to use and highly customisable for better engagement.
Designed to make sharing knowledge simpler and help teams adopt a single, organisational-wide communication, training and customer service tool. Control content for sensible simplicity.

Sharing company knowledge online

Access answers when you need them, in a secure, brand-safe environment, that just makes sense. Real insights - real answers - in real time. It's never been easier to be an expert.

Enhance customer experience

Deliver consistent, accurate and relevant knowledge to customers across digital channels.


Collaborative teams, access level management and admin rights ensure accurate information and zero duplication - while feedback forms allow every employee to be heard.

Stop wasting your investment

Reduce the accumulative business costs of training, onboarding, time spent handling and transferring calls and time spent searching. Information can be personalised, and data contextualised, so the right information is presented to the right person, instantly.

Customise your platform

Brand your own centralised platform that integrates with your existing channels and software - storing and presenting relevant information when and where it's needed.

Streamline governance and compliance

Compliance - Streamline processes, procedures and compliance with step-by-step guides, forms, tags and task wizards and enjoy the ease of simple, accessible answers.

Knowledge Management Made Simple

KnowledgeIQ is the knowledge management platform transforming digital workplaces. Create, control, learn and share knowledge from one central, cloud-based platform and empower your employees with the right information. Now that just makes sense.
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