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KnowledgeIQ in the Contact Centre 

Knowledge is power. As cliché as it sounds, this statement is particularly true in the era of the empowered customer. As buyers demand more timely and personalised service across multiple channels, companies must make sure that their agents are empowered with the relevant information and technology tools to meet these needs. 
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Knowledge IQ in the Contact Centre

How KnowledgeIQ Is Enabling the Remote Workforce  

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KnowledgeIQ Delivering Total Experience Transformation  

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Transformed Knowledge 

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Work Anywhere with KnowledgeIQ Cloud  

The 2020/21 Australian Contact Centre best practice report revealed that 58% of contact centre agents are currently working from home. 

Worldwide, there’s an ongoing trend in contact centers employing work from home agents, and contact centres globally are embracing this as a viable operational option. 

The shift to cloud contact centre technology has been the enabler behind the increase in telecommuting, as it makes it easy for staff to log in and get to work, and for supervisors to monitor productivity. 
Work Anywhere with KnowledgeIQ Cloud

How does Knosys KnowledgeIQ Cloud facilitate significant change management in real-time? 

We’ve all felt it. The pressure of having to adapt to sudden change with huge impacts and repercussions that we hadn’t seen coming.  

Some organisations will recover better than others due to a combination of factors including how profound the change and resulting damage was and how well prepared they were. Having a platform in place that allows you to make changes on the fly, make updates as they occur and to communicate, inform and train your teams to respond quickly is invaluable.  

KIQ Cloud helps address three key areas to keep your organisation going through anything: 
Crisis Management:
including response and planning 
Business continuity:
keeping your business performing and your teams active
Business survival:
dynamic proactive steps to ensure your business survives and remains as functional as possible through any transitional period 

KnowledgeIQ Delivering Total Experience Transformation  

According to Gartner's “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021: Total Experience”, total experience is one of the top trends for 2021 and beyond”. 

What is TX

Total Experience (TX) is the holistic experience that brings together User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) into one streamlined experience that is unified across the organisation.  

TX provides a competitive advantage

With TX, organisations can break down the walls between teams – allowing for better data sharing, more collaboration, clearer communication, and an overall culture of knowledge sharing that ensures all teams are leaning on one another for support and all working together to solve the most critical problems.  

TX also promotes better communication and interactions between customers and companies through integrated, on-demand, customer self-support. With an integrated TX strategy, customers are able to find answers and support for the questions and problems they have both when they need it, and on the channel, they want it. 

A holistic TX strategy meets the needs and expectations of both your customers, clients, and employees. It allows you to determine where your business needs to make a change, where you could benefit from improved knowledge sharing and about showing your customer base what doesn’t just make you different from your competitors, but why you’re in a different league altogether. 

According to the new Gartner report from its 2021 Digital Business Acceleration Survey findings, CEOs and CIOs said that the top two reasons for achieving digital transformation and digital innovation are to enhance the customer experience (58%) and to improve employee productivity (57%).

How does KnowledgeIQ enable TX?  

Total experience unites the external and internal aspects of the company that contribute to the company`s improvements. The essential component of customer and employee experience is communication. It should be constant and convenient for both sides. KnowledgeIQ helps by streamlining the entire process, making it easier to manage how knowledge sharing works for your organisation.
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Digitally Transformed Knowledge 

To evolve your company, digital transformation requires experimenting with new technology and reconsidering your current approach to common problems. It is the practice of understanding your employee and customer requirements and utilising technology to enhance the end-user experience. 

One of the key components to transforming your knowledge is connecting existing data sources. KnowledgeIQ enables this by connecting to existing systems and website information harnessing the power of your knowledge and guiding your agents to the right answer in turn improving customer experience. 

Learn more about our existing KnowledgeIQ and Salesforce Integration.  
Salesforce Integration

What’s to come...

Stay tuned Knosys will soon launch KnowledgeIQ’s integration capability with Genesys! 

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