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Knowledge Management System

The intuitive knowledge management solution

KnowledgeIQ, by Knosys, is a market leading cloud-based (or on-premise) omnichannel knowledge management solution that simplifies and centralises the organising and sharing of knowledge and information.

KnowledgeIQ is trusted by over 40,000 users to find the right information, exactly when they need it, improving productivity and delivering the best in brand and customer experience.

Enhance customer experience

Deliver consistent, accurate and relevant knowledge to customers across engagement channels.

Increase productivity

Improve speed to access relevant and important information and reduce call transfers and average handling times.

Improve governance and compliance

Protect your brand by customising approval and publishing processes, moderate forums and audit for compliance purposes.

Improve staff engagement and retention

Improve job satisfaction and morale by enabling staff to find the information they need to perform their role ensuring more ownership, autonomy and confidence in their abilities.

Fast on-boarding of staff and customers

Reduce training time for staff, and explanation time for customers, by providing guidance and visual workflows on how to approach and complete tasks.

Minimise errors and manage risk

Reduce your legal exposure and risk with business procedures, process mapping and guidance that minimises errors, reduces costs and restricts duplication.

Our Customers

Industry leading customers use KnowledgeIQ to power their digital workplace - driving productivity, collaboration and business advantage. 
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With the KnowledgeIQ knowledge management system, our customers have experienced the following improvements in their organisation

Reduction in call transfers and average handling time
Reduction in errors that lead to potential compliance issues
Improvement in sales campaign performance
Increase in team productivity
Reduction in staff onboarding and training time
Increase in management efficiency through reduced rework

What sets us apart

See why KnowledgeIQ is trusted by over 40,000 users to find the right information, exactly when they need it, every day.

Choosing KnowledgeIQ

Features and functionality

Explore KnowledgeIQ’s features and functionality and the knowledge management challenges it helps to solve, from reporting, to governance, to engagement plus more.

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