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July 29, 2018

Intranet for Companies: Intelligent or Outdated?

If you opened up your company intranet this morning only to be faced by 2001 design, irrelevant menu structures and “news” from three months ago - then you are, indeed, not alone! The same story is playing out in offices across the world every morning.

Company intranet software is important for communication with employees and to provide them with key information to support your customers. For organisations looking to improve productivity and employee engagement, tackling their outdated intranet is the first portal of call.

With many organisations expanding their mobile workforce, ensuring that staff have access to the right information is even more vital to guarantee that customers get correct information, and that staff adhere to company policies and processes. Your company’s intranet can provide a central hub for employees to connect and to get the information they need, regardless of whether they are in the office or not.

The Intelligent Intranet

Intranets come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple content management system (CMS) that lets you create and publish content, through to an intelligent intranet that manages and grows organisational knowledge. These systems go beyond content management, offering advanced features such as process guidance, messaging and alerting, and link together multiple sources in the one intuitive interface.

Personalisation Is Important

Ensuring that employees are not bombarded with unnecessary and irrelevant information. With content being pushed to users based on their job role, or promoted to them based on what their team members are currently searching for or viewing.

An intelligent intranet is a central hub for knowledge management within a business, giving employees tools they need to get the job done, and creating a positive experience for themselves and their team.


Millennials, Engagement and Employee Happiness

The job market has changed, especially when looking at the behaviour of younger generations. No longer is a change in job or career something done a few times in one’s life. Data from Gallup shows that in 2016, more than one in five millennials changed roles, and over 60% of this age group was open to new job opportunities. In the same report, Gallup estimated that the cost to US economy of this constant change of jobs was upwards of $30 billion.

So what does an intranet have to do with employee happiness?

Supporting your employees with the information to do their jobs, a method to interact with their coworkers, and the knowledge needed to develop their career is key to driving engagement and satisfaction. Better yet if they can access it from anywhere on their mobile, tablet or laptop.

The business gains an engaged workforce and improvement to their employee retention rates. Employees become more satisfied with their work, and ultimately happier. It’s win-win.

Benefits Of An Intelligent Corporate Information Platform

By using an intelligent intranet it might be possible to keep all of your employees, including those who grew up with the internet, happy and satisfied in their roles for longer.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Simplify complexity with process guidance, linkages to data silos, and a single access point to company information. 
  • Send company-wide or department-specific alerts to employees on outages, policy changes or other important updates.  
  • Approved users can create, update, maintain and share corporate information, policies and procedures easily and securely.  
  • Integrate with Sharepoint, link to web-enabled legacy systems, or use our open API to display knowledge assets on your company website or social feed. 
Article written by Nic Passmore

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