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November 26, 2019

Knosys 'We Wine' Singapore Launch

Earlier this month we asked our contacts in Singapore along to a celebration of Australian wine and knowledge management to help launch our new office and get us acquainted with our local customers.

We invited a range of different company representatives that we thought might benefit from an introduction to KIQ Cloud and asked them to come and taste some wonderful Australian Wines.

The event was held on Wednesday November 13 at our We Work Singapore office, which was opened back in September.

We work lounge-1

We thought this would be the perfect time to let the locals get a glimpse of what we can offer and more importantly, learn about what challenges they’re facing. We wanted to meet our customers face to face within a more intimate setting than is offered by large showcase events and conferences, so a wine tasting was the perfect solution.

Professional sommelier PK Chua, took our guests through a range of different white and red tastings, describing the characteristics that Australian grapes are world renowned for.

Our team then presented some information that showcased what Knosys is renowned for, and explained KIQ Cloud Knowledge Management, its specific benefits and its potential use case for many Singapore-based businesses.

Our event was a cordial affair - we had great conversations with our guests and took lots of insights away from those interactions.

We’d love to stay in touch with each one of you and hopefully put on something bigger and better in the future.  Sincere thanks to everyone who made it along to celebrate with us, taste some brilliant wines and talk about the important role knowledge plays in all growth focused and customer centric organisations.

sl oval

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Article written by Francis Lim

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