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June 30, 2021

Keep calm and informed with a single source of truth

In the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19) some of the world economy’s biggest companies have made the decision to defer workers to their own homes to carry out their roles. Tech companies Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon are among companies who have implemented work-from-home policies (Source: CNN Business). And now most governments have implemented some form of lockdown and canceled all major and community events.

Prevention is of course the best cure, so why put your employees at risk when they can perform their duties from the relatively risk-free environments of their own homes. If you are to take the most extreme possibilities seriously then you need a plan for the event of a mandated isolation.

Local businesses that rely on foot traffic for retail sales are the ones who are greatest risk here. A lot of companies at least have options they can rely on to ensure business doesn’t cease. We are lucky that access to internet and software platforms is an available and accessible means of continuing to provide services and to continue to create.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

As of right now the Coronavirus updates are changing as frequently as hourly so it’s impossible to be absolute certain of the best course of action but what we do know, is what we can do in the event of an isolation.

If you look at the situation practically – it might not be the economic disaster some are predicting. A lot of organisations benefit from the ability to connect their people via digital networks and can still service their customers in the same way. A temporary lock down might be the answer to ensuring life as we know it can go back to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible.

Here’s where knowledge management system KnowledgeIQ comes into the mix

When using our omnichannel platform you can feel confident knowing knowledge can be accessed anywhere, anytime – so remote teams can continue to be productive and access organisational knowledge even while working from home / working remotely.

Not only is knowledge available remotely, but our system enables real time updates which can be extremely useful as information changes and guidance and service updates progress.

Taking it one step further

If the KnowledgeIQ system is connected to digital channels (i.e. for example, an organisational help site) it means that remote workers can continue to update help and support documentation as required; including posting notices about changes to support hours or services that have occurred as a result of large-scale remote working.

When it comes to documents, guidelines and compliance control, it’s so important to have the ability to implement changes when they are needed and to update these changes across the organisation, ensuring everyone is aware, informed and part of the cog that is the daily running of your company.

KnowledgeIQ facilitates this because when processes and procedures are stored within the system, then an organisation has the flexibility to dynamically update these easily and quickly and have this information disseminated out to remote workers.

KnowledgeIQ ensures that approval processes are maintained even in these situations, with notifications sent to content moderators and easy access to understand what needs to be approved. And thanks to version control, processes and procedures can be reverted to pre-remote-working states once this is possible. The version history will maintain both pre-version and post-version — so processes changed during the period of remote working can always be accessed if required from a compliance or audit point of view.

KnowledgeIQ also enables you to train staff remotely using consistent documentation and protocol and – it allows you to test their knowledge in practical ways to ensure a level of understanding is achieved.

Benefits of remote working with knowledge management

If you are implementing a temporary work from home procedure it might be a good time to run some of the upgrades and tests you’ve been putting off. Having a platform in place that allows you to continual collaboration with team members whilst you work on projects like this will make things much easier and in terms of compliance —you’ll be able to keep track of everything and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

While this global pandemic is taking hold we remind you that it's an opportunity for increased learning. Take this time to think about your business, your strategy and your people and start working on the things at the heart of your business. If there was every a time to make changes and improvements - it's now! We're here to help with our support line open and our dedicated people ready to talk.

You can find out more about KnowledgeIQ by watching this short video —and while you have some time — check out some of our other videos and posts and let us know if you have any questions. Stay healthy, safe, informed and kind - always kind.

Knowledge Management Made Simple by KnowledgeIQ on Vimeo.

Article written by Elise Kuchel

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