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Feature - News & Events

Keep everyone in the loop with news and events.

Policy Changes, Training and Process Updates. Put News & Events front and center on your knowledge system and make sure that staff always have the latest information.

Get the word out

Your knowledge system will always evolve, with new processes and updates to work instructions happening as your organization grows. Both News and Alerts make it easy for approved content creators to get the word out, ensuring staff are always aware of the most recent procedures.
Easily create news articles and display on your dashboard
Feature important updates in a carousel-style display
Schedule news articles for publication and set expiry dates
Apply fine-grained security so only staff who need the updates will receive them

Engage your Employees

Stop sending emails that nobody reads
Personalize the experience by targetting news to those who need it
Cut through the noise with an eye-catching carousel that links through to other articles, processes or links

Keep Control

Sharing and distributing authorship can reduce workload and empower your subject matter experts to get their information out. Ensuring high quality and low errors is equally important and is supported by KnowledgeIQ's customizable approval process. Content creators can manage information flow with article scheduling and review and expiry dates.

Cut through the noise

To-do lists are long and attention spans are short – fill your interactive News carousel with beautiful images that get your content noticed. Employees can easily move through articles to read what matters most. Display news in a list if that suits you better.

Stay organized with categories

CEO Announcements, Policies, Processes, Important Updates – create as many categories as you need. Want a separate news feed for each of your divisions or business units? Create a category for each – then push new articles out to the relevant categories.

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