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Integrate knowledge with other business applications with Knowledge.

Your knowledge doesn't exist in isolation. Integrations support your other business apps and connect your knowledge with staff and customers, no matter what tool they are using.


Connect your knowledge directly to your CRM using the KnowledgeIQ for Salesforce app.
Present knowledge directly in the Salesforce interface so users don't have to switch screens
Provide access to Alerts and Quizzes
Contextually look up information based on Salesforce record data
Create a seamless experience for Salesforce knowledge workers
Salesforce Integration

Customer Facing

Use the KnowledgeIQ API to connect your knowledge with the world, and create a ‘single source of truth’ to streamline delivery of information to staff and customers.
Create a customer-facing knowledge centre or FAQ site and connect your KnowledgeIQ knowledge-base
Hook up your knowledge to your chatbot
Ensure content only needs to be changed in one place
Built-in, fine-grained security ensures only approved content is ever displayed to users outside the organisation

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Keep your employees in the know and on the same page with all the features you need to centralise communications and information.

Single Sign-on

Seamlessly access KnowledgeIQ with SSO capability.
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News & Events

Keep everyone in the loop with news and events.
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Smart Search

Smart search returns smart results.
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